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Why you should save your teeth

Dr Amy Golden has a had family friendly dental practice in Berlin New Jersey for over 19 years.

She is a graduate of University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, where she received awards in the field of Pathology and Oral Medicine. Dr Golden also served as Adjunct Assistant Professor at University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, and has lectured and published on the subject of dentistry.

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Many people think that if they have a tooth removed, there is no need to replace it unless the space is visible. The truth is that we need ALL of our teeth!

Our front teeth (incisors and canines) are designed to bite into food.  Our back teeth (molars and premolars) are designed for grinding food particles into smaller pieces, aiding in swallowing and allowing for proper digestion.

When teeth are removed and not replaced, the “domino effect” sets in.  Teeth on either side of the open space shift and collapse into the opening, and teeth in the opposite jaw then erupt into the space, like falling dominos. As teeth collapse, it is harder to chew properly and food gets caught between the remaining teeth. In time, this collapse can lead to gum disease, jaw pain and even more tooth loss!

Generally speaking, the most conservative way to replace a missing tooth is with the use of a dental implant. A titanium screw is placed in the bone where the tooth was extracted. After the healing process, a cosmetic crown (also called “cap”) is made to fit over the implant. An implant supported crown is the least destructive method to replace a space, because it doesn’t need support from surrounding teeth. The implant also helps to conserve jaw bone because bone grows around the dental implant, fusing it in place. 

Dental Implants have been around for 35 years and are now the most reliable, long lasting way to replace missing teeth. When placed in natural bone, their success rate is 95% and can last 20 years to a lifetime.  A dental implant feels and acts like a regular tooth.

Another way to replace a missing tooth is with a fixed bridge. In order to place a bridge, the teeth on either side of the space must be healthy enough to support the missing tooth. These teeth are then shaped to allow room for the bridge to fit over the teeth and open space. The bridge is fabricated by a dental laboratory, tried in the mouth and cemented in place.

Another method of replacing several missing teeth is with the use of a removable partial denture. These “partials” usually have metal or acrylic clasps which wrap around remaining teeth to hold the appliance in place. A partial denture must be removed while sleeping and is not as cosmetic as a bridge or dental implant.

Find out what tooth replacement technique is right for you. For a limited time, Dr. Golden is offering a complimentary consultation ($145 value) to discuss your options.

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