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Protect your Smile during Contact Sports

When it comes to protecting your child’s teeth during active sports, a properly fitted MOUTH GUARD is a key piece of athletic gear. Custom mouth guards can protect against permanent tooth injuries while participating in all kinds of activities. A custom mouth guard cushions the impact received to the mouth while playing sports, protecting the wearer from receiving cuts, broken teeth and jaw injuries.

There are three types of mouth guards. The first type is a stock mouth protector. These are the least expensive guards and can be bought at most sporting goods stores. However, these mouth guards aren’t adjustable, and they are bulky, uncomfortable and even restrict breathing. Most important, stock guards provide little or no protection.

The second type of store-bought mouth guard is a “boil and bite” mouth protector. These guards are soaked in hot water to allow for softening and then placed in the mouth and molded to fit around the teeth using finger and tongue pressure. They offer a better fit than stock mouth guards.

The best fitting and most protective mouth protector is a custom fitted mouth guard that is made in the dental office. Each guard is individually designed to fit the wearer’s needs. There are “junior” mouth guards designed for children who have both baby and permanent teeth. Other guards are designed for activities such as mountain biking, volley ball, or wrestling. Heavier, thicker guards are specially designed for contact sports such martial arts, baseball and football. Each appliance can be customized with stickers and team logos and are available in a variety of colors.

The dental-fabricated mouth guard is made by taking an impression of your teeth. A model is made of your teeth and then the guard material is molded over this model. Because of the use of special thermoplastic material, time and work involved, the custom mouth guard is more expensive than store-bought guards, but it provides the most comfort and protection.

Since treating a sports-related dental injury can cost thousands of dollars, a custom mouth guard is money well spent. Invest in your children’s teeth, whether they’re 8 or 18, by protecting them with a custom fitted, dental fabricated mouth guard.


Dr. Amy L Golden is a graduate of University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. Her general and cosmetic dental practice is located close by in Berlin, New Jersey. For more information, call #856-768-3332 or go to her web site at

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